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The Secret Cottage tours in the Cotswolds are proud to share some of our latest reviews from our guests, with 97% of 1113 reviews rated as 5 star. Please visit us on Trip Advisor to read moreā€¦

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“Best #1 Cotswold Tour”

If you were to pick one tour of the Cotswolds, this should be your first choice. We cannot imagine anything better. The components of this tour as described in the pamphlet did not only live up to the description but exceeded it. Our hostess, Becky, was charming and eager to please and fulfil all our needs. Our driver and tour guide, Robin, made everyone feel at ease by including all in the experience. For example, all six in our group took turns sitting in the front seat with him. He got to know each of us individually through witty banter and all in the mini-bus became friends for the day. The tour featured a variety of Cotswold experiences including numerous villages, each with a unique story to tell. A highlight of the tour was Becky’s own 350 year old, picturesque, thatched roof cottage. She served us morning tea, lunch and cream tea to finish the day. The food was prepared and served by Becky’s daughter, Polly. Nobody left hungry. You won’t be disappointed if you chose this tour.

“Highlight of our vacation!”

What an amazing tour. I can’t recommend it enough. It’s almost worth it just to go to the Secret Cottage – it’s easily the most charming home I have ever seen. Every aspect of the tour was well done.The van used to shuttle us around was very comfortable – and it was a van, not a big tour bus. There were only 6 people in our van. We stopped in several villages and each was charming and amazing in its own way. Not only is the north Cotswolds beautiful but it is full of history, which our guide Nick and the owner Becky filled us in on. We went in two churches dating from the 12th century. We walked around peaceful villages with no signs of big tour groups. We had each village to ourselves. The one thing I did not expect was how amazing the food at the Secret Cottage was! A (big) snack before we left, a delicious lunch, and tea in the afternoon. At each meal the food options covered an entire (and very large) table. This trip was the highlight of our vacation in the UK. Highly recommended.

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“A guided tour that I can’t wait to do again”

My mom and I did the Mystery tour as the one with a stop at the thatched house was booked up. We LOVED the tour and could not have asked for any better. It was simply GREAT: driver was friendly and the choice of locations were well-picked. It was my first time in the Cotswolds and I’m dreaming about going back again. With Secret Cottage again. Don’t think twice, book with them, It’s well worth the money!

“Wonderful Secret Cottage Tour”

We took the Secret Cottage Tour and had a wonderful visit. The Cotswolds are a must do escape from London. The tour is well organized and every effort is made to make visitors feel welcome. We enjoyed all of the food especially the little scones. The train to Moreton-in-Marsh from London was pricey and if you purchase these train tickets earlier than the day of, it can save quite a bit of money. Really fun trip. Highly Recommended!

“A highlight of our trip!!”

We thoroughly enjoyed the Secret Cottage tour of the Cotswold countryside! The quaint private cottage was interesting to see and we were delighted with the delicious array of English tea and lunch specialties. The tour guides were knowledgeable and friendly. The cottages and small villages we saw were charming and not full of bus loads of tourists! We enjoyed the lovely blooming flowers, and the sight of sheep and lambs in the green pastures we passed. Just what we think of when we think “England”. Highly recommend this “want-to-do-it-again day”!!

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“Fairy Tale Brought to Life”

The entire day was perfectly planned and our guide, Dave was very knowledgeable and good humor =) We were used to imagine how thatched cottages look like and it’s amazing to see one with our own eyes! We have a great view of the countryside, sucking in Cotswold beautiful heritage and its village tranquility! We were very very well fed with Pauline’s top notch (michelin star to us) dishes which she prepared using the traditional stoves, a very challenging skill but she whiff every food out like a breeze. Do not miss this tour/experience, it will definitely be a notable part of your trip!

“Fantastic day in the Cotswolds!”

Wow! This tour was great! The guides were knowledgeable and friendly. They were very inclusive of all of us on the tour. They told us stories about the area but also wanted to get to know each of us. The food was great and there was plenty of it. Polly is adorable and very gracious. We loved sitting during meal breaks and chatting with the other tourists as well. The day was full of information, good food, great pictures and friendly conversation. Definitely a memorable experience in the English countryside!

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“Highest Recommendation! Must-do!”

Wow–this day exceeded our (high) expectations and it will be a treasured memory of our family’s two-week stay in the U.K. Nick and Ian drove the two mini-busses that day; both were informative, warm and knowledgeable guides. Ian was the wonderful driver for our party of four adults. The mini-bus is very nice and extremely comfortable. During the tour we visited and learned about villages we never could have reached on our own. We made stops and took some short walks through several areas of special interest. And Polly prepared AMAZING spreads for our morning welcome, lunch and afternoon tea. It was absolutely first-class and she was so welcoming. Thank you to the family and all involved…your gracious hospitality, beautiful historic home and garden, and charming villages will long be remembered. We recommend this tour most highly!

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