Cotswolds Tour

Inside Secret Cottage; the unique Cotswolds Guided Tours



Welcome to Secret Cottage, home of our unique Cotswolds Tour.

You’re probably wondering what makes a day with us so different to any other Cotswolds Tour you find on the internet or hear about from friends and family.

So here’s something for you to consider.

You’ve seen those quaint ‘chocolate box’ English country cottages haven’t you? You know the ones – they have thatched roofs, leaded windows, wild gardens and look just so quintessentially English!

cotswolds tour photo

Now have you ever wished you could step inside one of those old English country cottages?

I know I used to!

Have you ever wondered whether they’re cold and draughty?

I mean, how DO you heat a home with 3 foot thick walls?

Perhaps you’ve tried to figure out what it must be like to have to duck your head when you go from room to room or imagined that the floors are uneven with walls full of cracks.

Here’s where the magic of our Secret Cottage Cotswolds day trip tour presents itself.

cotswolds tour secret cottage

Not only does our Cotswolds Tour take you around picturesque towns and villages in breathtaking countryside, but you get to spend time here with us being part of our family, enjoying food, browsing the garden and finding out for yourself what these low ceiling are really like!

Yes, we invite you into our home to see how a typical English family live.

I have one of those beautiful cottages you’ve dreamt about stepping inside; complete with inglenook fireplaces (we have three!), an AGA for cooking and those uneven floors you’re curious about and I want to welcome you, as my guest, for the day.

You’ll enjoy coffee and pastries bought from local suppliers, an excellent lunch and best of all a traditional cream tea – complete with freshly baked scones which you can see being made in the AGA.

aga inside secret cottage cotswolds tour

But that’s not all.

I live in one of the most picturesque areas in Britain and I know lots of hidden, secret places that I’m going to share with you.

Forget your usual Cotswolds guided tours, day chauffeurs and coach journeys; we’ll explore places most people don’t even know about.

They’re off the beaten track, are not mentioned in tourist guides and are inaccessible to all but the most confident drivers.

cotswolds tour village

And with a maximum of seven people on the tour at any one time I’ll make sure the day is tailored to your interests and requirements. Every Cotswolds Tour I run is bespoke for the guests I’m hosting.

Who knows what you’ll see on the day – it might be a view across 6 counties, a town that has less than 100 residents or a special monument seeped in history.

But that’s the beauty of THIS Cotswolds Tour! Yes you’ll get to spend time in Secret Cottage, but you’ll visit lots of secret places too.

We welcome tourists from all over the world including America, China and of course, the UK – and we can’t wait to meet you!

cotswolds tour historic doorway