Welcoming Gai and Neil to Secret Cottage to explore the Cotswolds in one day

We love meeting a wide range of diverse guests on our Secret Cottage Tour.

Recently we met Gai and Neil. They believe that “to know what it’s really like to live in a country with a different language and culture, you must  live like the locals.”

Which is why we couldn’t wait to take them on a tour of the Cotswolds and welcome them into our home!

Gai and Neil are taking part in a fascinating project called the Village to Villa project.

Over the course of a year, they’re travelling through Australia, France, Italy and the UK with their laptops and cameras to make a documentary. The idea is that they’ve visited Europe as tourists, but now they want to live like locals. As they have a busy itinerary, our tour was ideal because it gives you a taste of the Cotswolds in one day

In exchange for house or pet sitting, they’ll get to step into another family’s sanctuary – driving their cars, meeting their neighbours and making dinner in their kitchens!

So far Gai and Neil have looked after a 2 year old dog in a luxury home on the Gold Coast, complete with swimming pool and golf course! They’ve scoured the coastline of New South Wales while caring for 2 dogs and they’ve spent 2 weeks in a restored 300 year old farmhouse in France, caring for the family pets.

We were delighted to show Gai and Neil around the Cotswolds and thrilled when they wrote about us on their blog and shared how our tour was a great way to see the Cotswolds in one day.

Check out Gai and Neil’s blog here.