Cotswolds Tour by train from London

Travelling by train can be stress free and a wonderful way to see places you would otherwise miss. Even with modern high-speed trains, there’s something nostalgic about watching the scenery pass by the window, while you’re lulled into relaxation by the sound of the train speeding over tracks.

We’ve made it simple for you to enjoy an exclusive day out with our Cotswolds Tour by train from LONDON – Paddington.

Our guests arrive refreshed and relaxed, ready to begin their unique tour and I wanted to share three more reasons why train travel makes a great choice:

No waiting

None of us like waiting to check in or in queues to board. With most trains you don’t have to get there early, check in or wait around for security checks. You can often just arrive at the station and get straight on your train.

Freedom to move

You can’t get up and walk around much on a coach, but with a train it’s different; you have much more freedom. You can visit the catering facilities, stretch your legs and move about as much as you wish.

No traffic

When travelling by train you won’t get stuck in motorway queues. There’s nothing worse than reaching a standstill on a sweltering day or the pouring rain. On a train you travel straight through and the journey is smooth too – no potholes, speed bumps or stopping and starting at junctions to slow you down!

Ready to experience your Cotswolds Tour by train from London? All you need to do is hop on the train at Paddington, relax and enjoy the journey for 1 hour 40 minutes and I’ll be there to pick you up from Moreton-In-Marsh station. I can’t wait to meet you!  Book Now.