Looking for a tailor-made Cotswold holiday itinerary? Join Cotswold Journeys!

One of the frequent pieces of feedback we get from our visitors is that they love picking our brains about local knowledge.

After all; local knowledge is best!

It’s great to read guide books and surf online, but living here and immersing yourself in the day to day life of the Cotswolds, gives us specific experiences that we can share.

And that’s why we love a website called ‘Cotswold Journeys’.

The team at Cotswold Journeys have been organising Cotswold holidays for over twenty one years.

The like to think they offer unrivalled expertise in the region, and we have to agree!

Who better to tell you about the hidden footpaths nobody knows about, the picturesque villages you must see and the events taking place in the area that you won’t want to miss?

Cotswold Journeys is headed up by Christopher, who has written several books about the Cotswolds. He founded, and has since sold, a company called Cotswold Walking Holidays – and now he’s extending his remit beyond walking into helping you get the most of your visit; whether you’re after the perfect place to stay or a memorable day trip.

Then there’s Sarah – also an author – who is passionate about photography. She organises and judges photography competitions, runs workshops and writes for leading photography magazines.

Steve’s your man if you’re interested in history and architecture! With a particular interest in medieval churches and pilgrimages, you’ll need Steve on speed dial if you want to brush up your local knowledge and fill in the gaps your school history lessons left.

Chris helps you pick out the best accommodation suited to your needs. He’s spent his working life in the travel industry and as a Gloucestershire man, has everything you need at his fingertips to ensure you create the holiday of a lifetime.

Shoko is a professional editor and travel writer who lives in Tokyo. After staying in England a year, she fell in love with the Cotswolds and is on hand to help visitors who only have a short visit scheduled so they can make the most of their time.

Last but not least, Marion is a historic garden and landscape historian and designer who lives in the heart of the Cotswolds. Marion’s best kept secret is that she has access to many private gardens – many of which are unknown to visitors.

With their impressive range of skills, the team at Cotswold Journeys provide a one-stop shop for putting together a tailor-made Cotswold holiday itinerary.

Depending on your time, interests and budget they’ll organise a guided or self guided itinerary. From walking to cycling to food and history there’s something for everyone.

You might have a special interest in the medieval Cotswold wool trade, want to experience dry stone walling or be eager to explore some of Europe’s finest gardens.

Whatever you want, they’ll find it for you!

This week Cotswold Journeys wrote about our Secret Cottage Tour.

They recommend us as an ideal ‘rest day’. And we think they’ve hit the nail on the head!

On our guided tour, you can relax while enjoying some breath taking scenery and enjoy a personal invitation into our home for traditional English food. You don’t need to worry about driving through narrow lanes and you don’t need to think about preparing food – We’ll take care of that for you.

They say

If you are doing, for example, one of our walking holidays, or one of our bespoke tailor-made trips, and would like a rest day, you might consider this: a six hour day tour of north Cotswold villages in Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire that includes an invitation into a private home (a glorious thatched cottage), for morning coffee and pastries, a buffet lunch and a traditional cream tea.

If you think a ‘rest day’ in the Cotswolds is just what you need, why not book our tour today?