Media coverage for Secret Cottage Tour

Last week I told you about the fantastic coverage the Secret Cottage Tour received in the Cotswold Journal.

If you missed it, or don’t  have access to the journal, you can see how it looked at the bottom of this page.

Freya wrote “VISITORS to the Cotswolds can get a special insight into the area’s unique charms and explore some of its hidden gems with the launch of a new bespoke bus tour.”

She went on to mention that we take our Cotswold tourists around some of the lesser-known villages in the area.

And we really do!

Check out some of the stunning images from our tour in our gallery and on our Pinterest boards. We add images daily so you can follow the seasons around this picturesque part of England.

Although you could be forgiven for thinking we only get booking from the tourism trade, we have plenty of locals who love the tour too!

They don’t have to drive down narrow, winding lanes; they can discover places they might now have known about (or can miss when driving) AND we serve delicious food throughout the day; so they can treat themselves and fully relax.

What a great way to unwind.

We’re fully booked for a few weeks, but get in touch for a late summer tour!

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